Casa Tambor Paraty view point
Casa Tambor Paraty Eco Guesthouse
Casa Tambor Paraty Eco Guesthouse
Ilha Araujo- Island 2 km away from Casa Tambor Paraty
Praia da Roça - Beach 2 km away from Casa Tambor Paraty
Casa Tambor Paraty view to the forest
Glass Bungalow- outdoor kitchen
Casa Tambor Paraty view point
Waterfall close to Casa Tambo Paraty

Location & History

Presentation of the location:

Casa Tambor is a guesthouse and a place of nature, plantation, arts, music and meetings. Characterized by a peaceful and familiar atmosphere. The location consists of three independent and private chalets for renting: the red house, the yellow house and the glass bungalow. Downstairs at the entrance is situated the “house of arts” with the reception, an atelier and music studio, a hall for workshops (dancing, music and arts) furthermore the temporary residence of the host family.

Casa Tambor was built in harmony with nature and with the conviction that all elements should co-exist in harmony and in the most natural way as possible. On 3.000 square meters we plant more than 50 species of fruit trees and more than 30 species of medicinal plants, we cultivate vegetables and salad in our organic garden and manioc and corn on the plants.

Our guests are welcome to explore the location: the garden, the plantation, the amazing view from the top and the house of arts. One advice: it’s very good for bird watching around here.

A brief history of the construction process:

The seed of Casa Tambor was planted in the beginning of 2013 by the founders Katharina and Luciano.

The first months it was necessary to organize the wild peace of land. We confronted lots of challenges like: making the land accessible, building the road of access, getting water and electricity, comprehend the place, transport the material for the construction up the hill, get along with strong rainfalls, realize the constructions with missing working craft etc. Many challenges being managed and many lessons being learned.

Casa Tambor is built in harmony with nature. All the constructions were planed and designed by us. We always try to build in a sustainable and organic way. Using materials from our proper ground (like the stones from the stairway), recycling materials from demolition (specially woods) and operating everything with creativity and simplicity. We belief that all the plants, animals, humans, water, forest, earth and so on are a parte of one living organism which we should respect and take care of. Casa Tambor is our part to this.

The glass bungalow with the outdoor kitchen was the first being built. It was finished in March 2014. Since then we are living at Casa Tambor. Afterwards we built the red house and then the yellow one. Both of them were finished in the end of 2015. In January 2016 Casa Tambor was inaugurated. Since then we are receiving visitors form all over the world, giving good vibrations to Casa Tambor. In April 2017 we started to build the “house of arts” with its surroundings. Our nature and art project Casa Tambor is growing…